Tanu <3

Getting the one you love in an arranged marriage is something far beyond defining perfection. You love someone, get into a relationship, break off, or you love someone without their knowledge (secretly, silently), but end up marrying the same dude in an arranged marriage. Well! That’s something very rare, yet fortunate. I will tell you […]

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I hope you all must have come across an interview of Mira Rajput, wherein she slammed the entire women working community, especially married women or mothers who earn a bread for their family or to support their husband. Well, what she said is absolutely her point of view. So, this post is nothing offensive about […]

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A Train Journey

Yesterday, was one of the memorable day for me, as I made a new friend, with whom I became close within a fraction of seconds. I have always loved meeting new people and hearing out their experiences in life, let it be personal or professional. Because, at times, you get to learn a lot about […]

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