Will it Matter You, If I Go?

Since Vaani decided to leave back the one she loved, her home, her parents and relatives, and when she decided to move to a new city, different thoughts occupied her mind. She tried her best to figure out just one question – Will her leaving matter Prasodh, the one she loved the most? And always […]

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I Lost My Childhood with You!

This article is dedicated to my maternal Grandfather, my first love, who passed away on October 15, 2015. Grandfathers are best described as the great fathers who got promoted to a higher role of being a ‘GRANDFATHER’, and I can say proudly, my Grandfather was the greatest blessing that I ever had in my life […]

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Aching Heart!

Every time, she looked at her journey ticket to Mumbai, Vaani hesitated but she knew she had to leave. Every time, Prasodh asked her to stay back, she knew it was not that actually he wanted her presence, but it was a kind gesture out of formality. It was April 2, 2017 and she was […]

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Unexplainable Emotions

Vaani started packing her bag, ironing her clothes, folding them up, and smoothly placed them in her suitcase. While keeping each of her dress, she thought, “Should I go?” And her mind said, “Yes! You should and now stop thinking about it.” Vaani was all ready to explore a new place as she was moving […]

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And she left without a word!

And then, she decided to leave! Megha was amidst a greater turmoil since she realized the guy she loved, never loved her back. They were good friends and at times, more than just being friends. Though she knew that he did not belong to her, she still loved him with all his weakness and flaws. […]

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Tanu <3

Getting the one you love in an arranged marriage is something far beyond defining perfection. You love someone, get into a relationship, break off, or you love someone without their knowledge (secretly, silently), but end up marrying the same dude in an arranged marriage. Well! That’s something very rare, yet fortunate. I will tell you […]

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